A Bad Year for Good Men

by Springtime is Wartime (our old band)

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Before Easter Teeth came Springtime is Wartime, a math rock trio that ripped Southern California a new one between 2004 and 2010. A Bad Year For Good Men was our 3rd and final release. We think it is the greatest album never heard, so we decided to post it here for all to enjoy.


released August 29, 2009

Springtime is Wartime: Josh Eymann (drums and triangle), Tim Eymann (lead vocals, bass, keys, and percussion), and Dave Haq (guitar and backup vocals). Guests: Stacey Eymann and Sarah Martin (oo’s), Gerard and Sarah Martin, and Adam Matthews (claps), Matt Knoles, (whispers and a Dm chord), and Jonathan Eymann (answering machine). Recorded and mixed by Matt Knoles and Andy McCraw. Mastered by Alex Oana at Citycabin West, Los Angeles, CA.



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Easter Teeth Goleta, California

A gotta-see-it-to-believe-it duo, Easter Teeth is what happens when the Eymann brothers pat their tummies, rub their heads, and smack, shake, or plunk every instrument in sight. It is very sweaty. Starting in 2009, Josh (vocals and drums) and Tim (vocals, bass, keys, and gadgets) set out to convince the world that their two musical loves, Soul and Hardcore, indeed belong together. ... more


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Track Name: What the Hell is Brimstone?
Yeah, we’re shakin. Yeah, we’re movin. Yeah, we’re rollin. Get ready. That’s odd, no birds, just dogs. All of creation, fidgeting and groaning. Scientists and preachers finally agreeing, but we eat, we drink, we marry. Feast on the rations. Burn all the candles. Laugh as the Pacific swallows California. Yeah, we’re shakin. Yeah, we’re movin. Yeah, we’re rollin, but no one cares. Why duck? Why cover? Why hold? What the hell is brimstone? Who is San Andreas? Everything is at is always has been since our fathers fell asleep. Deafening crack. Instant black. Shattering glass. Bedroom screams. Under the door jamb, seconds flat. Under the door jamb, kiss goodbye. Sifting through the rubble. Sifting, sifting, salvaging. How could this have happened? How could, how could a good God? Everything that can be will be shaken. Gimme some of your fuel. Gimme, gimme shelter.
Track Name: You Represent Suck
One thing I desire, that will I seek after. Can I live in your house? Can I live your house? I will go no more out. Yeah, I’m not an artist. Yeah, I’m just a doorman. Rather be just a doorman so I can see you every night, free. I will go no more out. Seek beauty. Ask questions. Here, one day is better than thousands elsewhere. Your presence, the fullness of joy.
Track Name: Twinkle
It’s time to tell our tales of truth, so hostages can stay alive. It’s time to share our dreams of faith, so refugees survive the night. To drink the moon, and spit the bile, and force the faithful words to fall. To wish against the arguments, while acids join and cells divide. Peter Pan will wave his hand, and throw his boyish point in play. Friends will speak and fears will burn. Witch hunts will pull motives out. It’s hard to kick against the tide when science takes excuse’s side. It’s hard to bet against the score with hardened hearts and common whores. But I am with you. I am with you in this whirlwind. Play this out. Prove these odds wrong. An inaction somehow rescues the faith. Curl your first and shun the poisons we take. Bless the instrument that knows not his name. Bless you, Carrie Watson.
Track Name: Bravo Charlie
Oh! What caught my eye that morning in the southeastern sky, I imagined was your final flight, and I cried. Oh! Goodbye! Ooh, vapor trail, vapor trail. Ooh, exhausted last sigh. Ooh, vapor trail, vapor trail. Ooh, goodbye! Oh! I’ll never forget last winter when we came to stay, how you leaned your head on mine and dreamt of my child. Oh! Goodbye! You earned your wings. Family gatherings, I watched you watch us. Your eyes smiling with pride, you reclined. Bravo, Charlie. Curtain calls.
Track Name: Mathmortician
How can one day equal a thousand years? I’m at a loss. I can’t figure. How can one drink equal a thousand tears? I’m at a loss. I can’t figure. A breath, a cloud, a dream, a drop, a flash, a flower, a grain, a snap, a wink. I’m at a loss. I can’t figure. Teach me to count my days.
Track Name: Garter Belts and Rosaries
Garter belts and rosaries dangle from the rearview mirror. Overtime and undergrads, pardoned from the fourth command. And I say, brethren, these things ought not to be! Cut throat bible quotes. Evangelize and criticize. Somehow fresh and salt water, flowing from a single spring. Somehow figs and olives, growing from a single tree. And I say, brethren, these things ought not to be! Sideswiped by Jesus fish. Death threats and birthday wishes. Woe is me! I’m undone! Press the coal to my lips!
Track Name: Art From Scrap
What the hammer? What the chain? What the anvil? Am I your workmanship? What the meter? What the rhyme? What the metaphor? Am I your poetry? What the fingers? What the toes? What the umbilical? Am I your imagery? Make me melted. Make me pure. Make me lustrous. Your golden trophy. Make me published. Make me read. Make me provocative. Your instant classic. Make me gestate. Make me crown. Make me inhale. Your cherished second born. Tarnished, yellowed, twisted, all. Come to me, laborers. The years are cruel, I know. Your imperfections show, but if you trust my touch, I’ll give you restoration.
Track Name: Please Note That You Will Be Charged
Eye contact. Distraction, distraction. Hand gesture. Developing. Slight head nod. Attention, attention. Good posture. Diminishing. Not in the wind. No! Not in the fire. No! Not in the earthquake. No! Not in the schools. No! Not in the State. No! Not in the press. No! No! In the still small voice. The prophet, the prophet. Still small voice. The dialogue. Still small voice. I want it. I need it. Talk to me.
Track Name: Something About Baby Jessica
Long ago the fountains overflowed, deep and wide. It was so beautiful. Who shut you up? Who shut you up? Who filled you full of filth? Cat got your tongue? Cat got your tongue? A lion with no teeth. Yes you can! You can and must to live! Life and death are in your throat, buried. My little boy, my little girl, you’re to be seen and heard. Rejuvenate, rejuvenate! It’s reclamation day. Dig and tap and pump until you strike. Spring! Spring up! Spring up, oh well, and sing! I love that dirty water. Are you stuttering? Are off beat? Are you out of tune? You can sing to me. Abraham, father Abraham. Many sons, had so many sons. One of them, I am one them. You are too, so let’s praise the Lord. Right arm, left arm. Right foot, left foot. Chin up, turn around. Sit down at Rehoboth. Quit your wandering and dowsing and bickering with Philistines, and sing.
Track Name: Check Out All His Majesty
Twelve men turned the world over. Why am I so scared? Oh. Defense, apology, eggshells, apathy. So scared. Oh. On the one hand, he who has ears. On the other, how will they hear? Go ye therefore, make it far more complicated than it was meant to be. All things to all men, and somehow separate. No news is good news.